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Know Your Credit Rights

  • What should you know about credit billing and payment?
  • What rules are in place to prevent high credit card interest and fees?
  • What should I do if I have problems paying my bills?

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Tenant and Landlord Rights

  • What can you do if you're having trouble with your landlord?
  • For what reasons can your landlord evict you?
  • Are there reasons for eviction that are illegal?

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Bringing Suit Before a Magisterial District Judge

  • Should you go to Magisterial District Court or Common Pleas Court?
  • How do you start a lawsuit?
  • What happens at hearings?
  • What are the costs?

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What is the Divorce Law in Pennsylvania?

  • How can you get a no-fault divorce?
  • What if your spouse doesn't want a divorce?
  • Are there still "fault" divorces?
  • Can one spouse stop a divorce from going through?

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Child Support Facts in Pennsylvania

  • How long must parents pay child support?
  • How do you get a child support order?
  • What if a parent has support obligations in more than one household?

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What Is Bankruptcy and Who Should File?

  • What does it cost to file for bankruptcy?
  • What property can you keep?
  • Can you own anything after bankruptcy?
  • Does bankruptcy wipe out all your debts?

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What Can You Do About Credit Problems?

  • What can collection agencies do to collect a debt?
  • Can my property be repossessed?
  • Can my wages or other income be taken to pay a debt?
  • Can I be sent to jail because of my debt?

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